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Bulldogs in Hats
Bulldogs in Sunglasses


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 Banner photos (left to right) by C. Marien, Teresa Guerrero, Roger Stevens, Vicky and Dan, Ferrell, Paula and Nesha Radovic (Puppy mascot right).
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Bulldogs in Hats
Bulldogs in Sunglasses
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Chihuahua puppy in pink jacket
Photo: Kevin Lafferty
Chihuahua and Boston Terrier in wedding attire
Photo: Annette Shaff

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Chihuahua with sunglasses
Photo: Teresa Guerrero
4 week old Chihuahua puppies
Photo: Photopix
10 week old pug puppy
Photo: Valera
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4 week old pug puppy
Photo: F. de Luca
Send us your Chihuahua puppy photos !
4 week old pug puppy
Photo: F. de Luca
4 week old pug puppy
Photo: F. de Luca
4 week old Shar Pei puppy
Photo: Wayne Pillinger
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